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Dental Problems for over age 21

This blog is a little different in that I am asking for your help and in turn, the dialogue may help others.

I have been seeing my dentist since I was very young. I also had braces. I have been very diligent with my cleanings etc. all of my life.

I want to know if anyone else has encountered my problem and/or if anyone else has found a solution.

I am in danger of losing my front teeth. I have short roots, bone loss we believe from my bite because without realizing I slam my bottom teeth onto my top.

So far after seeing a few specialists, it has been determined I would probably need implants at some point which is a very long process I am not looking forward to, so I am hoping there might be another solution out there that someone else may have found as an alternative.

Please reach out to me through my email and maybe it is something we can brainstorm.

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